NIKKEN Combat Z Drill

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NIKKEN Combat Z Drill

Nikken’s Combat Z Drill series has been designed and engineered not only for maximum rigidity and performance but the configuration also ensures swarf removal is optimised consistently. The manufacturing process employs a special 3 phase heat treatment to ensure the exacting geometry of the tool coupled with its twisted shape and polished surface finish provide an increase in capability over conventional U-Drill systems.

The manufacturing and design features of the Combat Z drill series allow for both extended tool life and reduced wear – substantially increasing the life of the inserts. This is further aided by a pilot drill which ‘centres’ the tool and helps removes cutting vibrations preventing insert chipping whilst beginning the initial part of the drilling cycle.

Drilling at speeds of 120 ~ 150 m/min is possible and effective with reduced machine torque thanks to the reduced cutting resistance and load placed on the inserts.

Sample Cutting Data:

108mm deep at ø31mm in to SNCM420 takes just 35 seconds. This was achieved on an NC Lathe with water soluble coolant using the following feeds & speeds: