Mimatic Standard Angle Heads

INT Techonologies


The Mimatic program of Standard Angular Heads provides Nikken Europe customers with the means for complete, integrated machining. It is now no longer necessary to repeatedly relocate tools and components which provide a considerable reduction in production costs.

This also allows rationalisation and an increase in flexibility for the entire production process.

Mimatic Standard Angle Heads

Mimatic Angular Heads not only increase the efficiency of your production but also allow potentially inaccessible areas within housings or bores to be reached.

Mimatic products are compatible with all types of machine tool (manual through to full CNC tool changing).

The units adopt quality construction and components throughout:

  • Solid and precise anodised external castings
  • High concentricity and High Rigidity
  • Ground bevel gears with helical profiles as well as hardened and ground spur gears to ensure smooth operation and high power transmission
  • Stabilised spindle bearings
  • Permanent internal lubrication
  • Friction-optimised seals with PTFE sealing lips for higher speeds and temperature resistance
  • Numerous coolant options (internal/external/centre etc)

Numerous input spindle options are available as standard including SK,ISO,BT,HSK,CAPTO.