Nikken E46LTW Tool Presetter

INT Techonologies


Our E46LTW is a completely new model for 2016 redesigned and reengineered from the ground up! The brand new concept ergonomic platform is completely free-standing on its own integral base; the NEW E46LTW features oversized ground granite and stainless steel construction combined and equipped with a 22’’ HD touch-screen monitor. The touch screen system is innovatively portrait mounted for easy viewing and operation. The screen layout and simple to use icon based software design, which is spilt into two distinct sections, not only displays visible images of the current tool and profile, but additionally allows access to the full functionality and new capabilities of the software and integral tool management system.

The precision spindle system is fully interchangeable and can accommodate cartridges for all types of machine tapers covering HSK, ISO, VDI, BT CAPTO, etc. Incorporated within the spindle is our innovative universal mechanical clamping system with electronic tool clamping confirmation.

The innovative, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS LINUX based, software system features automatic recognition of the spindle via SP-ID (NFC – Spindle Identification System). This system allows the Presetter to identify each spindle cartridge as it is loaded and pinpoints or suggests the correct machine origins, whenever the spindle is changed.

The Presetter features numerous outputs including several USB ports and a network capability. This allows for the transfer of post processed tool offset data from the tool management system, via a network or even memory stick, to the numerical control of individual machine tools(depending on both the network and CNC controller capability).

The E46LTW is equipped with the original camera as on the E46L model (providing the normal tool measurement along with inspection and geometry capabilities from the front) but in addition a secondary high resolution swivel camera (60X magnification with, in addition, 2X and 4X digital zoom capability) to allow and facilitate detailed inspection and geometry functions from both the side and top of the tool profile. This additional capability is particularly useful not only for CNC machinists but also benefits tool manufacturers to precisely measure linear and geometrical features of the tool profile.