Nikken Hathor SIX Tool Presetter

INT Techonologies


The Hathor SIX Tool Presetting machine is designed completely free-standing on its own integral base; Hathor SIX features ground granite and stainless steel construction combined with a large digital camera and touch screen menu system – these new electronics provide operational and functional simplicity that is second to none.

The precision spindle system is fully interchangeable and utilises a one piece cartridge – eliminating the need for adaptors and the errors associated with their use. Incorporated within the spindle is our innovative universal mechanical clamping system with electronic tool clamping confirmation.

Also included with our Hathor SIX model is our TdSIX software package. Working via your DNC system, TdSIX converts measured tool data into CNC code for direct loading into the machine controller and associated tool offset pages.

The Hathor SIX is the second of three models which are manufactured to order. For a more prompt delivery of a stock machine the E346i, E460N, Kyhan and Amon Ra, as our four standard models, are always readily available directly from the Euro Centre.