Nikken NSVX400 Rotary Hirth Indexer

INT Techonologies


Code / Item Number NSVX400
Diameter of Table ømm 400
Diameter of Spindle Hole ømm Ø80H7
Centre Height mm 240
Width of T Slot mm 14
Clamping System   Hyd
Clamping Torque N.m 5880
Table Inertia at Motor Shaft kg m2x10-3 2.9
Servo Motor min-1 12/3000i . 2000
MIN. Increment   1°/0.001°
Rotation Speed min -1 22.2
Total Reduction Ratio   1/90
Indexing Accuracy sec ±2
Net Weight kg 270
MAX Work Load on the Table  
Vertical kg 250
Horizontal kg 500
MAX Thrust Load applicable on the Table N 58880
(F X L) N.m 5880
(F X L) N.m 3920
MAX Work Inertia [Vertical] kg m2 6.4
Driving Torque N.m 432